Our Mission

The goal of the Vitality Through Storytelling (VTS) Project is to train up faithful storytellers and identify the stories worth sharing within a local congregation. We’re inviting our faith communities to go deeper. The VTS Project guides churches in courageously diving into their own story while faithfully discerning how God’s story is interwoven within it—leading them into new places, discovering new ministries, and building new relationships within their community.

Our Goals

The VTS Project envisions studies that will empower local congregations, workshops and sermons that will inspire congregants to share their stories, retreats that will foster community through shared narrative and that the video projects, amplified across multiple platforms will illumine stories of truth and connection in such a way that can be a source of light and hope, an incubator for connection and new ministries.

Get Involved

Contact us: vitalitythroughstorytelling@gmail.com